Films 2015

54: The Director's Cut

‘We’ve revolutionised going out‘, pronounces club owner Steve Rubell. At the legendary Studio 54, the mother of all nightclubs since the invention of disco, clubbing was much more than just socialising to music. In 1998, director Mark Christopher created a cinematic monument to this ostentatious mixture of Art Deco and plush, frivolous 1970s hedonism and drug-induced 24-hour party people. At the producers’ [...] more


A Spectacle of Privacy

Two people in a hotel room, discussing. A private space, an intimate space. This is a story of the city mourning the disappearance and demolition of its people, whose struggles have gone astray. more


Al bahr min ouaraikoum

Engl. Title: The Sea is Behind
Tarik is unable to shed a tear about the loss of his children, or that his life is in ruins. Instead he shrouds his moustache under a veil and sways his hips to the music as the procession moves down the street. Tarik is a H’Dya, a traditional dancer who appears in women’s clothes. Tarik’s father, who leads the parade down the empty Moroccan streets, bawls his eyes out when his beloved cart horse Larbi refuses to [...] more


Anne of the Indies

Pirate captain Anne Providence finds a French prisoner on board a British ship she has captured. Pierre François La Rochelle says he has been shanghaied by Anne’s archenemies and the lady pirate eventually makes him her sailing master. Yet even as she unexpectedly lands in the arms of the Frenchman, she is unsure she can trust him. The plot thickens even further when her father figure, pirate captain Blackbeard, recognizes [...] more



Engl. Title: Absence
Ever since his father left his family in the lurch, 15-year-old Serginho has been trying hard to cope with the new challenges of his daily life. He works with his uncle at the market, supports his depressed mother as best he can, and takes care of his little brother. But how can he find his place in a world that compels him to grow up in such a hurry? Full of longing for affection, he drifts through São Paulo with his friends Mudinho and Sivinha, visits an aunt who works in a circus [...] more


Bad at Dancing

Interior, Day. Matt and Isabel lie in bed, naked. They have sex. She sits on top of him; they surrender to one another passionately. Joanna, the flatmate, enters the room and sits on the corner of the bed, close to them. Isabel and her boyfriend continue undeterred. Matt (after a while, without glancing sideways): What is she doing here?Joanna: "I can’t sleep."Isabel (without stopping having sex): "Were we too loud?"Joanna (without moving to leave): "No." [...] more



Engl. Title: Sea Shore
Having been good friends for years, Martin and Tomaz now find themselves on the cusp of adulthood. Martin’s father sends his son to southern Brazil, where the family is from, to sort out an inheritance matter. Tomaz accompanies him there. For both of them, the brief excursion to the coastal town becomes a journey into themselves. It’s not just the sea that nearly reaches the doors of the country house which exerts a slow, yet relentless pull on them – the two friends have [...] more



Maurice, a reticent young homeless man somehow manages to get by in Brooklyn; he spends his nights in parked cars until he finds himself at ‘Bizarre’, an underground club renowned for its burlesque shows. Maurice is fascinated by the club’s playful revues celebrating self-determined sexuality and creative otherness, and the two female club owners both adore him. He soon becomes a part of their chosen family, and [...] more


Black Narcissus

Sister Superior Clodagh and four other Anglican nuns are sent to open a school and clinic deep in the Himalayas. Physically and emotionally overwhelmed by the situation, Sister Clodagh starts reliving a romance from her pre-vow days, while Sister Ruth succumbs to erotic fantasies about local Brit Mr. Dean. When he rejects the lovesick nun’s advances, Ruth turns her rage on Clodagh … This film from the Archers production [...] more


Blood Below the Skin

Blood Below the Skin chronicles a week in the lives of three teenage girls who attend the same high school class. Coming from different social circles, the girls prepare for the most important night of their life – Prom Night. They have formed a dance group and rehearse the choreography. Two of the girls are drawn to one another and fall in love. The third is forced to take care of her distraught mother in the wake of her father’s [...] more


Calamity qui?

Engl. Title: Calamity Who?
Christine Boisson is being interviewed at her Parisian apartment. The things she says and the images that appear seem to have something to do with the legendary character named Calamity Jane. But what exactly is the relationship between the two women? more


Cancelled Faces

A man, striving for autonomy, lives in fear of being absorbed by his lover. Korea, the now: When Unk hits Boaz on his scooter, an amour fou takes its course in a performative ballad of dependency, which is intertwined with the staging of an ancient story. more


Cha và con và

Engl. Title: Big Father, Small Father and Other Stories
Saigon in the late nineties. Photography student Vu rents a room in a shared flat. With his brand-new camera, a gift from his father, he explores the people, places and things around him. He is particularly fascinated by his flatmate Thang, a charismatic young man who is at home amongst drug dealers, gamblers and prostitutes in the nightlife of Saigon. Thang introduces Vu to the nightclub dancer Van and they have sex, even though Vu feels more attracted to his friend. One day, another flatmate, [...] more


Cyclops Observes the Celestial Bodies

“Cyclopean 3D is the most 3D a single eye can come up with. This means the celestial horde on display here can only seem to be galloping through space. Actual seeing into depth must be denied, it’s the law.” (Ken Jacobs) more


Danielův Svět

Engl. Title: Daniel's World
Daniel, a 25-year-old student of literature, lies in the bath. Off-screen we hear his voice: ‘Although I’ve never been with either a boy or a girl, I can’t say my life lacks love.’ But what is it like for a young man who loves boys; a man who, unable to ever fulfil his desire, either has to content himself with sexual fantasies or use medication to suppress his feelings? This film accompanies Daniel in his [...] more


Dear John

50 years ago, director Hans Scheugl could have left Vienna and started a new live in the USA. His contact with John, his American lover of past days, has long since ended. An investigation into what was and what might have been. more


Der letzte Sommer der Reichen

Engl. Title: The Last Summer of the Rich
Young and attractive company executive Hanna von Stezewitz (Amira Casar) has everything, and just takes whatever she doesn’t. She’s an arrogant and unscrupulous manipulator who has politicians and banks in her pocket – she’s a perfect example of predatory capitalism whose preferred sartorial look is patent leather and leather. To avoid boredom she seeks ever more extreme kicks and sees her abuse of a young [...] more


Dyke Hard

After scoring a huge hit with their first single, hip lesbian band Dyke Hard fall into the creative doldrums. When their front woman leaves it looks like curtains for the rest of the band, but then the girls hear of a battle of the bands in the big city in three days’ time and decide to participate and give their maudlin career a kick start. A road trip adventure full of danger, intrigue and all sorts of obstacles [...] more


Eisenstein in Guanajuato

In 1931 the Soviet director Sergei Eisenstein travels to Guanajuato to direct his film Que viva México. There he encounters a new culture and its dealings with death; he also discovers another revolution - and his own body. Peter Greenaway depicts Eisenstein as an eccentric artist who travels to Mexico filled with the hubris of being an internationally celebrated star director. Once there, he gets into difficulties with his [...] more


El hombre nuevo

Engl. Title: The new man
At the tender age of twelve, Roberto supported the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua and fought for education and social reforms. He was to continue his political struggle fighting alongside the communist Tupamaros in Uruguay. Thirty years later he is struggling to live his life as a woman named Stephanía and striving to be accepted by both society and his family. Documentary filmmaker Aldo Garay has followed Stephanía [...] more


Fassbinder - lieben ohne zu fordern

Engl. Title: Fassbinder - to love without demands
Rainer Werner Fassbinder was probably Germany’s most significant post-war director. His swift and dramatic demise at the early age of 37 in 1982 left behind a vacuum in European filmmaking that has yet to be filled, as well as a body of unique, multi-layered and multifarious work of astonishing consistency and rigour. From 1969 onwards, Danish director and film historian Christian Braad Thomsen maintained a close yet respectfully [...] more


Feelings Are Facts: The Life of Yvonne Rainer

In 1966, Yvonne Rainer changed the world of modern dance with her performance ‘Trio A’ by analysing the repertoire of human movement in a radically unspectacular way. Influenced by Merce Cunningham and John Cage, she developed socio-political choreographies in which she explored on stage everyday movements in a way that deliberately thwarted audience expectations. Determined not to appear biddable, she [...] more


Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

As New York showgirls Lorelei Lee and Dorothy Shaw travel to Europe, they are shadowed aboard ship by private detective Ernie Malone, hired by the disapproving millionaire father of Lorelei’s fiancé. Lorelei’s material girl behaviour makes it easy for Malone to find proof of her alleged “infidelity”. Meanwhile, Dorothy falls in love with the detective … Much like the private eye’s preferred potable [...] more



Adi and Florin, two illegalized migrants from Romania, earn money working as escorts in various Geneva bars. Extracted from reality in front of a blue screen, they are reenact their own experiences and talk about their dreams of money and cinema. more


Gone With the Wind

It’s the American south in 1861 and Scarlett O’Hara is in love with her neighbour Ashley Wilkes. When he announces his engagement to his cousin, southern belle Scarlett marries in spite, but is soon widowed by the Civil War. Only adventurer Rhett Butler knows of her secret love for Ashley. Yet he courts her nonetheless. And Atlanta comes under siege by the Union army ... The film is a spectacle of superlatives, including [...] more


Haftanlage 4614

Engl. Title: Prison System 4614
In the world of fetishes there’s a niche for every type of proclivity. Arwed caters to a special type of customer: he runs a private prison where he is happy to find all sorts of ways to bully and victimise his paying guests on the other side of the bars. As prison director he is master of ceremonies; during the course of one week, he and his partner Dennis help fulfil their prisoners’ wildest fantasies. The inmates treat [...] more


Hakie - Haki. Ein Leben als Mann.

Engl. Title: Hakie - Haki. Living as a Man



Engl. Title: Tough Love
When karate champ Andreas Marquardt thinks about himself he feels nothing but bitterness: ‘I refused to feel anything. I was cold, like a block of ice, I couldn’t give a shit about anything.’ When he was two years old, his father poured water over him and put him outside on the balcony in subzero temperatures. Another time he crushed his hand. When he was six, his mother began to seduce him: ‘Your prick belongs to me, my little friend.’ Later, Andreas became a [...] more


How to Win At Checkers (Every Time)

The poor outlying districts of Bangkok are a world where you grow up very quickly. After both their parents die, eleven-year-old Oat, his little sister and his older brother Ek move in with their aunt. Ek works in a bar for male prostitutes and transvestites. His relationship with Jai, the son of rich parents, began when he was still at school. Their uneven love for one another is put to the test when the day of the annual conscription [...] more


I Am Michael

San Francisco in 1998. Queer activist Michael is passionately committed to supporting gay and lesbian youths. His own deep longing to belong means that he is tirelessly engaged in redefining his own existence, absorbing with apparent ease young Tyler into his long-term relationship with his friend Bennett. The trio decides to travel America to record on film the lives of [...] more


IEC Long

Who inhabits the ancient Iec Long Firecracker Factory? A search for the traces of the history of china crackers, child labour and the ghosts of a majestic ruin. more


Je suis Aneemarie Schwarzenbach

Engl. Title: My name is Annemarie Schwarzenbach
Annemarie Schwarzenbach was a shimmering figure of bohemian society of the 1920s. A talented writer, she was lesbian, addicted to drugs, a globetrotter, bewitchingly androgynous and – much to her domineering Nazi-loving mother’s chagrin – also anti-fascist. Berlin photographer Marianne Breslauer described her as the most beautiful creature she had [...] more


Kumu Hina

Engl. Title: A Place in the Middle
She feels more like a boy than even most boys. This documentary follows eleven-year-old Hawaiian girl Ho’onani who dreams of leading her school’s traditional hula group. Hula is a mixture of dance and theatrical performance that is central to the culture of the Hawaiian people and requires a lot of practice. Here too, Ho’onani would like to dance on the boys’ side. Normally she wouldn't be allowed to do [...] more


La Isla está Encantada con Ustedes

Engl. Title: The Island is Enchanted with You
In 1511, indigenous people in Puerto Rico seduced and murdered a representative of colonial power. Some 300 years later, a further chapter of colonial history: In 1803, by order of the Spanish Crown, a doctor named Francisco Javier de Balmis travelled to Puerto Rico with a number of orphans. They were carriers of the live vaccine with which Balmis executed one of the first mass immunisations against smallpox. A glance to the present [...] more


Leave Her to Heaven

On a visit to friends in New Mexico, writer Richard Harland is introduced to beautiful, headstrong socialite Ellen Berent, who he has met on the train. He finally succumbs to her desire to marry him. But Ellen’s possessiveness puts a crimp in their life, as she begrudges the attention Richard shows his disabled brother and even her own sister, Ruth. As Ellen’s jealousy turns pathological, she accuses her husband of being [...] more



Engl. Title: Butterfly
A butterfly, a creature symbolising rebirth and a new beginning, epitomises Romina’s and Javier’s world, a world that consists of two parallel realities. In one of them they grow up as siblings who desire each other and try to give shape to their love without sexual fulfilment; in the other they are a young man and woman who form an awkward friendship instead of succumbing to their feelings for each other. Javier finds [...] more



Tulsa, Oklahoma is a city in the midst of the USA’s Bible Belt with almost 400,000 inhabitants, over 4,000 churches and just one gay and lesbian youth centre. This is the meeting place for Larissa, Ben, ‘D’ and other youths who because of their decision to live gay, lesbian and transgender lives, are either not accepted or, on the contrary, have received strong support from their families and unconditional love.Jannik [...] more


Nasty Baby

Freddy is an artist whose desire for a baby has become something of an obsession. He surrounds himself with photographs of his childhood and is working feverishly on a fresh piece about new-borns. He and his partner Mo have even managed to persuade their best friend Polly to have their baby. However, after numerous failed attempts to conceive, this proves to be more difficult than they first envisaged. Freddy’s planned video [...] more



At Niagara Falls, Ray and Polly Cutler meet another couple, Rose and George Loomis. Rose is an attractive, vivacious blond; her husband is an apparently depressed war veteran with a tendency to jealousy. His feelings are not entirely unfounded – Rose actually is planning to send her spouse over the falls … This thriller of marital discord and revenge does a brilliant job of combining the low-key, expressionist hard shadows [...] more



Engl. Title: The Blue Hour
Tam, a timid loner, is bullied regularly by his fellow pupils at school. He is met with similar rejection and suspicion within the narrow confines of his parents’ dingy home, where his father beats him. One day Tam arranges online to meet Phum at a derelict swimming pool. They are both looking for sex, but their encounter leaves them with a feeling of comfort and security. A close bond develops between the two boys and, before [...] more



Two performers, members of an underground organization, a curtain, and pink smoke inside the remnants of an old public swimming pool. Do the curtains and fumes grant the "right to opacity" (Edouard Glissant) to the bodies that they mask and more


Orchard Street

Presented for the first time in the originally planned half-hour cut: Avant-garde filmmaker Ken Jacobs's first foray into the world of cinema – a document of the vibrant [...] more


Practicing Live

An art world reality soap opera. A family celebrates the father’s birthday. Each family member is employed within the art scene, and played by a real-life art professional. Long-hidden realities of the art world are revealed. more


San Cristóbal

Lucas and Antonio. Two young men meet and fall in love in a remote fishing village in the south of Chile. One lives there, the other is visiting. Sensuality dictates the pace of the narrative and the lives of both in the days to follow: Being one another’s mirror. Recognising one another. Yielding to one another. When the village rebels against their love, the experience of this limitation marks a momentous step in Lucas’ [...] more



Engl. Title: The Summer of Sangailé
Seventeen-year-old Sangaile is mesmerised by the dance-like loop-de-loop and pirouettes of acrobatic pilots. She herself suffers from vertigo and could never imagine sitting in a cockpit. A quiet and introverted girl, she is spending her summer in the countryside at her parents’ holiday home where she tries to see the local air shows as often as she can. This is where she meets Auste, who lives out her days with impressive [...] more


Sangue azul

Engl. Title: Blue Blood
A ship with a circus on board approaches an island in the South Atlantic. During the evening performance the ringmaster and illusionist Kaleb presents an artiste named Zolah who immediately wins over the hearts of everyone in the audience. Zolah is Pedro, who left the island twenty years previously at the age of nine. His reunion with his mother Rosa and his introverted sister Raquel brings the well-travelled acrobat face to face [...] more


Singin’ in the Rain

It’s 1927 and the first sound film, The Jazz Singer, has just become a huge hit. So the next production for silent film idols and manufactured sweethearts Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont has to be a “talkie” too. But Lina’s voice is a horror. So Don’s new flame, chorus girl Kathy, is hired to dub her. When Lina finds out, she rebels ... “If you must wear fox to the opera / dame fashion says dye it!” [...] more


Stories of our Lives

Members of the multi-disciplinary art collective NEST spent several months travelling Kenya collecting stories of young LGBTI people – stories about their experiences and their lives in a country that is still extremely homophobic. Based on countless anonymous interviews, they developed five screenplays for short films which provide an insight into the current situation and the problems [...] more


Sueñan los androides

Engl. Title: Androids Dream
The year may be 2052, yet this is a future with one foot in the past. Between the strangely artificial skyscrapers along the coastline and the neon-lined broadwalk, there’s nothing here to suggest it isn’t still 1975, 1995 or 2015. But there are fewer people around nowadays and many apartments lie empty, a tranquil wasteland of exposed wires, unfinished plasterwork and endless dust. Those that remain are at least house-proud, [...] more


The Garden of Allah

Domini Enfilden, who was raised in a convent, withdraws to North Africa after the death of her father to try to find herself. There, at the edge of the Sahara, she takes up with the Russian-French Boris Androvsky. They go riding together in the desert, fall in love, and even get married. But their happiness is abruptly interrupted when Boris reveals the secret he’s been keeping; he was a monk, who fled his Trappist monastery [...] more


The Mad Half Hour

Once a day, domestic cats go completely mad. A total burst of energy. It’s all over within half an hour. No one knows why. That’s just how it is.Juan is rather similar. He doesn’t know why, it just seizes him. The loss of commitment. Why should he bother to hit a ball over the net and wait for it to be returned, while making sure it stays within the white line? Does he still love Pedro, no, perhaps yes? Pedro is [...] more


The Thief of Bagdad. An Arabian Fantasy in Technicolor

In Bagdad, the Grand Vizier Jaffar has King Ahmad cast into a dungeon and takes power for himself. But Ahmad manages to escape with the help of a young thief, Abu. In Basra, the king falls in love with the sultan’s daughter. But his rival for her affections is none other than Jaffar, who uses magic powers to blind Ahmad and turn Abu into a dog ... Michael Powell, on set with Natalie Kalmus said to himself, “we are not [...] more


The Three Musketeers

In 1625 France, country bumpkin D’Artagnan hopes to join the king’s elite musketeers in Paris. After proving himself with brilliant swordsmanship in duels against three musketeers, he is duly admitted to the ranks. He soon becomes the leader of the gang of four sworn to challenge the machinations of Cardinal Richelieu. Along the way, D’Artagnan makes a deadly enemy of Richelieu’s confederate, the artful and [...] more


The Wizard of Oz

Young Dorothy, full of yearning for “some place where there isn’t any trouble,” is literally whisked from rural Kansas to the magical Land of Oz. When she opens the door of her house after the tornado, she finds herself “somewhere over the rainbow” … The Wizard of Oz was a milestone in the history of colour film. It was conceived as MGM’s answer to Disney’s Snow White (1937), and the [...] more


The Yes Men Are Revolting

Engl. Title: The Yes Men Are Revolting
After almost two decades of humorous guerrilla activism against economic greed and political corruption as The Yes Men, everyday life and a crisis of identity seem to have caught up with the duo: Mike Bonanno now has a wife and children, and Andy Bichlbaum has not given up hope of a lasting relationship with his male partner. Their critical interventions, in which amongst other ruses they pretended to be spokespeople for the US Chamber [...] more


Untitled (Human Mask)

Engl. Title: Untiteld (Human Mask)
A macaque monkey, trained to work as a waitress at a restaurant in Japan, sits alone in a deserted dining hall. Waiting amid the dystopian setting for her moment to perform, the monkey seems trapped within her role, forced to enact the human condition. more


Vergine giurata

Engl. Title: Sworn Virgin
Hana is growing up in an archaic alpine landscape in Albania where the old codes and traditional gender roles prevail. She escapes the fate of a wife and servant when, in accordance with the Kanun, the traditional Albanian law, she pledges herself to life-long virginity, thus sacrificing her femininity for perceived freedom. From now on, she is treated like a man. She is given a dagger and the name of Mark. But after ten years of [...] more


Viaggio nella dopo-storia

Engl. Title: Journey into Post-History
A couple travels to Italy. During their trip, the state of their relationship becomes clear to them: They argue, take different paths and wonder whether to divorce. Vincent Dieutre has remade Viaggio in Italia and adapted it to his own life. Alex and Kate have become Alex and Tom, played by Vincent himself and his partner Simon. This new couple goes to the same places, experiences similar things, but their time in Naples is inevitably [...] more



Engl. Title: Embroideress
Dreams and memories grasped as mystery. Five short stories united by one action: “Helicopter,” “Sunday,” “Doggie-photographer, “Mausoleum,” and “Apocalypses.” A reference to a Greek myth – the goddesses of fate, spinning the thread of human life. more


Wonderful World End

In her Gothic Lolita guise 17-year-old Shiori attracts a lot of followers for her blogcast. Whenever she can she talks about herself, offers make-up tips and is delighted at the growing number of visitors to her site. After a music video shoot, confident Shiori meets a strange young girl named Ayumi. The girl is a big fan of Shiori’s and tries to copy her style. She also seems to be rather distracted and monosyllabic, as if [...] more


Yolanda and the Thief

A con man eavesdrops on young, beautiful, and wealthy heiress Yolanda as she prays for a guardian angel to help her manage her financial affairs. The following morning, he introduces himself to her “Mr. Brown”, guardian angel at your service. He manages to swindle Yolanda out of millions in bonds, but when he tries to pass the money to his accomplice, a certain Mr. Candle gets in the way … Set in a fictional South [...] more


Zui Sheng Meng Si

Engl. Title: Thanatos, Drunk
The camera follows closely on the heels of two brothers – one gay, the other straight. Both are looking for a job in order to survive. But both are also looking for themselves and long to find a foothold in life. The younger brother sells vegetables at the market where he meets a young woman who cannot speak but who gets up to all sorts of crazy things. The older brother is attracted to a dancer at a nightclub and finds himself [...] more


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