Thursday 17.02.2011


Hormone Warzones

Today there will be several movies screening concerning the issues of young queer people. Filmclips to these movies and an interview with the director of ROMEOS, Sabine Bernardi, are to be found on the webpage. Furthermore there are interviews with the director of an SM-short movie and the director of a documentary about Chantale, who is also tonight celebrating her legendary HOUSE OF SHAME PARTY.



Junge Filme am Donnerstag


Today in the Teddy Programme there will be screened several queer movies dealing with the problems of young people.

The Polish Drama SALA SAMOBÓJCÓW (SUICIDE ROOM) is about Dominik, who is bullied in school because he is. In an online forum which is called Suicide Room he finds virtual friends, who get him into a deadly game.

SALA SAMOBÓJCÓW, CinemaxX7, 10.30 pm

Marco is the shy trainee on a farm in the south of Berlin. When a student apprentice arrives at the farm things change. The two young man develop a friendship – and on a trip to Berlin more than that. Afterwards both have to decide how they want their lives to continue in STADT, LAND, FLUSS (HARVEST).

STADT, LAND, FLUSS, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, 12.30 am

The Swedish Movie APFLICKORNA (SHE MONKEYS) deals with the difficult relationship of a riding school attendant and her teacher. In between the gracious riding shows the woman and the girl fight about power and independence.

APFLICKORNA, CinemaxX 3, 4.30 pm

“What’s your name?” – with this simple question begins in TOMBOY for Laure – who would prefer to be Mikael – a game of hide and seek with the other kids in the neighborhood. The other kids believe the boyish girl in the beginning to be a boy, but after a while the doubts grow that Mikael is who he pretends to be.


INTERVIEW with Céline Sciamma at ZEIT ONLINE >>

TOMBOY, Cubix 9, 17:00 Uhr

Gay hip-hoper in Switzerland – that’s the topic of OFF BEAT. Lukas dreams about making career, but is taking far too many drugs. When his manager breaks up with him and starts to build up Lukas’ brother as the new star in the hip-hop scene, he realizes that something has to change.

OFF BEAT, CineStar 3, 8.15 pm

Finally ROMEOS describe the difficult everyday life of a young trans person, who came to do his civil service in Cologne. There Lukas meets again his former best friend, who is a lesbian and drags him into her party life – where Lukas falls in love with a man. For him again manliness is everything and his Italian family is not supposed to find out that he's gay.

ROMEOS, CinemaxX 7, 9.30 pm

Philipp Schmidt speaks in an interview with the director Sabine Bernardi about her research for the film and the challenges the actors faced during the shooting. She tells about the positive reaction she got for the movie and the difficult situation for transgender people. Furthermore she recounts about new ways of queer films and about the concepts to show certain aspects of transgender just as a side story.

ROMEOS, CinemaxX 7, 9.30 pm



The King of Queer

“Se revolushn is my boifrend!” – Bruce LaBruce is the self-nominated ADVOCATE FOR FAGDOM. With movies like HUSTLER WHITE and OTTO he became world famous and was several times to be seen at the Berlinale. In this documentary about him will be pieces of his movies, rare film material and interviews with him and his colleges to be seen.



Magnus Rosengarten speaks in an interview with the director Angélique Bosio about her first contacts with Bruce LaBruce and the interesting shots for the film. She recounts how she got to know Bruce by making the movie and also about his "other" side.




THE ADVOCATE FOR FAGDOM, Colloseum 1, 3.30 pm



Why Why Why

WHY MADAME WHY is a satirical look at one glamorous, chic, assumedly cultivated woman strolling down Berlin's Kurfürstendamm without a care in the world, unselfconsciously devouring a phallic looking sausage of some breed in gloved hand…Shocking? Repugnant? Normal or just quintessentially Berlin?



Philipp Schmidt speaks in an interview with the director John Edward Heys and the actress Zazie de Paris about the shootings for the movie, their current projects and the question if Berlin lost "its edge".


WARUM MADAME WARUM, Kino International, 5.00 pm



Hormone Warzones

Who does not know everyday madness? But who know everyday bovine cow madness!? In RUNDSKOP (BULLHEAD) there’s something foul in the state of Belgium and the animal hormone mafia is working on it. They are not picky in what they are doing to reach their aims. In this animal-food-thriller will not only animals but also humans put into the extreme and driven to their limits.


Magnus Rosengarten speaks in an interview with the director Michael Roskam and the main actor Matthias Schoenaerts. Roskam tells about the shotting and aesthetic possibilities of queerness without only showing the sexual compound. Schoenaerts recounts how he adapted to the role and made himself at ease with his character. Furthermore they speak about concepts of manliness and the challenge of facing discrimination.

RUNDSKOP, Kino International, 7.30 pm



Sexual Spring

In the shortfilm SPRING Joe embarks on a sadomasochistic adventure with a stranger. For him it’s all about the sexual thrill, but for Tim their game satisfies deep psychological needs. An encounter between two people with very different desires, after which, nothing is the same as before.



Philipp Schmidt spoke in an interview with the director Hong Khaou about his (non-autobiographical) film. The director tells how he got the idea of making the movie and how he put it into reality. Khaou tells furthermore about the series of films in which SPRING stands and speaks about the focus on the senses shown in the film.

SPRING, CineStar 3, 8.15 pm



Competitionmovies at teddy

With ODEM/LIPSTIKKA and BIZIM BÜYÜK ÇARESİZLİĞİMİZ there are two movies from the official Berlinale Competition competing fpr a TEDDY AWARD.

ODEM/LIPSTIKKA is about Lara, who left Ramallah thirteen years ago to begin a new life in London where she married Michael and had a child.  But then, one day, Inam turns up at Lara’s front door. She is a childhood friend from Ramallah. No sooner does Inam surge into the apartment, ask Lara about her husband (currently out at work) and shower attention on Lara’s little boy than it becomes apparent that there is a certain tension between the two women. It’s not long before Lara realises that everything she has created for herself is endangered by Inam’s brusque intrusion.

Today the Turkish movie BIZIM BÜYÜK ÇARESİZLİĞİMİZ will be screened again, which is about two friends, who share their flat. When their best friend’s parents die, they take care of his little sister which soon faces them with emotional challenges.


BIZIM BÜYÜK ÇARESİZLİĞİMİZ, Kino International, 10.30 pm

ODEM, Berlinale Palast, 10.30 pm


All movies screening today in the programme overview >>


House of Shame Party

Today in the Teddy Programme you can see the documentary HOUSE OF SHAME – CHANTAL ALL NIGHT LONG, which tells the story of the House of Shame Partys and their hostess Chantal. For all those who would like to see the real thing, as every Thursday from 11.00 pm on the original House of Shame party will take place in the Bassy Cowboy Club.


Magnus Rosengarten made an interview with Johanna Jackie Baier, director of the documentary HOUSE OF SHAME - CHANTAL ALL NIGHT LONG. Baier talks about her personal experiences with Chantal, the idea of making a movie for the 10. anniversary of the House of Shame party, her own queer identity and the intimacy, which evolved during the talks with Chantal.


HOUSE OF SHAME, Kino International, 5.00 pm

House of Shame Party at Bassy Cowboy Club, Schönhauser Allee 176a, from 11.00 pm


Der Teddy-Award Videoplayer wird geladen...