Sunday 10.02.2013


Still celebrating...

...or already in the cinema? – After a weekend of Berlinale and TEDDY parties is the Sunday in the cinema a glorious ending, to lean back, to relax and to exchange the dark discotheks with the just as dark cinema, to have the magic of the moving images working on you and to dive into another world. Today's movies offer enough opportunities for that, with craziness from James Franco, religious sacrifices from France, women chasing bears and Koreans taking revange. And for everyone who likes it short and spicy and has an accreditation we have the Queer Shorts.

And if you want to socialize and mingle with the locals you should not miss out today's TEDDY Event in Café Fatal in the SO36!

Unmade beds

In CHEMI SABNIS NAKETSI (A FOLD IN MY BLANKET) Dimitrij loves going off on solo climbing expeditions. He'll do anything to escape the gruellingly surreal conformity of the small Georgian town he lives in and the monotony of the courthouse where he works. One day, a stranger named Andrej turns up and Dimitrij convinces him to accompany him on his climbing expeditions. He pulls Andrei ever closer into his world, determined to befriend him. But then Andrej disappears. Dimitrij believes all is lost before his imagination persuades him to pursue a series of mysterious leads.

Zaza Rusadze’s film is an oppressively atmospheric portrait of a small town community caught up in the treadmill of habit. With magical images illustrating the central character's vivid imagination, this assured work casually reveals the protagonist’s emotional world.

Kino International, 2.00 pm




I do it my way




Like everywhere else in the world, gays and lesbians in Cameroon seek refuge in the city. The two young gay men in this film are crazy about Rihanna and Lady Gaga, who has been a gay icon since her hit song ‘Born this way’. But the tolerance Lady Gaga sings about is just a dream for them. In their country, homosexual relations are subject to punishment of up to five years in prison, and it is almost impossible to come out to your own family.

The filmmakers’ unobtrusive proximity to their protagonists has yielded conversations in which their interlocutors discuss their longing for a love life they are forbidden to have. After CALL ME KUCHU, which documented the situation for homosexuals in Uganda and won a TEDDY AWARD in 2012, BORN THIS WAY makes it clear that the worldwide struggle for tolerance and equality still has a long way to go.

CineStar 7, 14.30 Uhr


In her previous work, underground artist Beth B has often addressed such topics as sexual repression and boundary transgression. In EXPOSED, she leads us through New York’s 21st century underground where classic burlesque is being radically redefined and deeper meanings are teased out in a humorous and sometimes shocking way. From its founder James Habacker, we learn about the birthplace of neo-burlesque at the Slipper Room, one of the few remaining subversive venues on the Lower East Side and the performers discuss their bid to do away with binary sexual roles and body stereotypes.

The film’s mixture of exclusive footage of live performances and intimate backstage interviews reveals a hidden world, in which the pleasures of exhibiting a (less than perfect) body and of transgressing sexual and gender boundaries are celebrated, and war is declared on society's norms.

Colosseum 1, 3.30 pm



Love in the country side

In BOVEN IS HET STILL (IT'S ALL SO QUIET) Helmer is 55 and a bachelor. He tends a remote farm and looks after his ailing father. Theirs is a brittle, tight-lipped relationship. When his father moves ever clother towards the grave, Helmer shifts him upstairs. He paints his late brother’s room and moves in Henk, an eighteen-year-old farmhand. These steps are all undertaken to make a stand against his father. But his father’s unfulfilled expectations continue to hinder Helmer’s emotional well-being. Henk, however, responds to Helmer’s clouded feelings with fond openness. And the milk truck driver can’t seem to forget Helmer either.

In her latest film, Nanouk Leopold weaves soberly observational but impressive images into a persistently quiet atmosphere that illuminates her protagonist’s emotional world and his breakthrough into a new self-confidence.

Cubix 9, 5.00 pm

Don Giovanni di Lëtzebuerg

Marc is a wealthy but critically ill man who is living life to the full one final time. Alongside his ordered existence as a human resources manager in Luxembourg he enjoys a bacchanalic life with young male 'companions' in the luxury hotels of major cities whose opera houses happen to be playing Mozart’s 'Don Giovanni'. This opulently filmed documentary follows Marc on his journeys, accompanies him on his visits to doctors, and allows him to expound upon his personal philosophy of power, money and control over both himself and others. Marc's life is uncompromisingly black and white. But then his life begins to unravel when he falls in love with a porn actor and follows him into the world of Berlin’s HustlaBall.

Filmmaker Angela Christlieb displays in NAKED OPERA a sense of the bizarre in the intimate portrait of a man who in spite of, or perhaps because of his contradictions, comes across as endearing and vulnerable. The filmmaker’s palpable presence behind the camera develops along the way into one of the documentary filmmaking's central themes: the relationship between director and protagonist.

CineStar 7, 5.00 pm







The fact that PAUL BOWLES is less well known than fellow writers like William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg or Jack Kerouac may be because, after pursuing a nomadic lifestyle at the beginning of the 1950s, publicity-shy Bowles decided to settle in Tangiers. There, far away from the hurly-burly of the literary world, the town became a permanent home for this homosexual writer and composer and Jane, his lesbian wife. Bowles' austere view of humankind and the psyche distinguished him from other Beat Generation writers throughout his life.

Cubix 7, 5.30 pm

Nicely crazy

James, Catherine and Patricia. A house on the beach not far from New York. It is 1963. A neighbour with a soft spot for James drops by from time to time. James with his big-checked jacket, his camera and his unfinished novel. Catherine with her paintings and her men’s suits. Patricia with her cigarettes. James used to be a successful TV soap actor until probable mental illness forced him to give up his job; his sister Patricia barely speaks and lives in a world of her own. Kind-hearted painter Catherine is a cross-dresser who enjoys going out for coffee wearing men’s clothes.

MALADIES is a sensitive exploration of perception which takes creativity and fine art, the voices we hear inside and out, impressions, and the world of the imagination just as seriously as do its protagonists. The dedicated cast and bold narrative structure allow the director to create the portrait of a relationship which also captures society's attitudes at that time to real and supposed mental illness.

Friedrichstadt-Palast, 6.00 pm




and don't lead us into temptation




Suzanne Simonin describes her life of suffering in letters. As a young woman she is sent to a convent against her will. Since her parents cannot afford the dowry required for a marriage befitting her rank they decide she must instead become a nun. Although a kind and understanding Mother Superior helps her to learn the convent’s daily routine, Suzanne’s desire for freedom remains unabated. When the Mother Superior dies, Suzanne finds herself faced with reprisals, humiliation and harassment at the hands of the new Abbess and the other Sisters. For many years, Suzanne is subjected to bigotry and religious fanaticism.

Denis Diderot’s novel LA RELIGIEUSE (THE NUN) has been adapted for the screen several times. Guillaume Nicloux  concentrates on the fate of a young woman pitted against a merciless system which crushes the individual. His film gradually divorces itself from the circumstances of this particular story to describe a universal drama.

Berlinale Palast, 7.00 pm

Inside the WHale

Machi, Tomohiko and Hotaru attend the same high school. Machi misses her older brother, who disappeared six years earlier. The trio takes up his trail, which leads them first to Tokyo and then across the sea.

Together, these two girls and a boy comprise a fragile love triangle in KUJIRA NO MACHI (THE TOWN OF THE WHALE). It is a game of attraction and boundary setting, of closeness and distance. Moments are all that count, and each one has its own special significance.

CinemaxX 4, 7.30 pm




Stop! In the name of love

Marc is shaken to the core when he meets a fellow police officer, Kay (Max Riemelt), on a training course and begins to develop feelings for him. When Kay asks to be transferred to Marc’s unit, his well-arranged life begins to sink into chaos. Torn between his love for his pregnant girlfriend Bettina and the rush of a completely new experience, his life begins to spin increasingly out of control. He soon finds himself increasingly estranged from his family, but running away with Kay is not an option.

When Kay one day disappears without warning or leaving an address, it dawns on Marc that his absence has ripped a gaping hole in his life. With his life in FREE FALL, Marc can no longer satisfy everyone's expectations - least of all his own.

Toni & Tonino, 9.30 pm

Deep in the dark forest

A lonely bus stop, a trumpet-playing scout and a woman who refuses to pay him anything for his off-tune performance. This dryly humorous opening sets the tone forrest of the film VIC + FLO ONT VU UN OURS (VI + FLO SAW A BEAR) which tells the story of Vic, a woman who has just been released fromprison and who is on the hunt for some peace and quiet. She moves into a relative’shouse in the Canadian forest and receives a visit from her lover, Flo.  Life could be so wonderful – if only Vic’s rather unconventional probationofficer wouldn’t keep turning up. Signs of impending threat begin to multiply and even the forestseems to have treacherous traps in store.

With his film’s collection of eccentriccharacters, his bizarre directing ideas and the work’s mysterious atmosphere, filmcritic and documentary/drama director Denis Côté creates an artificial world with itsown completely unpredictable reality.

Berlinale Palast, 10.00 pm



Strangers in the Night


Won-gyu is a flight attendant and is constantly in transit. Tae-jun is a motorbike courier who spends almost all his time on the streets. Having clicked on the internet they arrange to meet in Seoul. But they only have a few hours. Won-gyu never wanted to return to the city because Seoul reminds him of an event that has left him sad and angry. His past casts a long shadow over their date, and their night together is pitch-black in spite of the big city lights. They go to a place that was once the site of a brutal attack on gays.

BAEK-YA is an urban odyssey through a city, pervaded by anger and longing, in which not everyone can live their life and experience love. But for one brief but beautiful moment this film allows these two simply to be together.

Colosseum 1, 10.30 pm


Views in the Mirror

In DESHORA heavy clouds hang over the tobacco fields in the mountainous jungle of north western Argentina. Here, far from the big city, live Ernesto and Helena. One day, Helena’s cousin Joaquin arrives. Although they all keep to themselves, the young man’s presence bringslife to their marriage. Although Helena rebuffs Joaquin’s advances, she develops a desire for the youngman's physicality which she secretly nurtures. Meanwhile, Joaquin and Ernesto explore the wilderness around them, all the time growing closer to each other than they would care to admit. An atmosphere begins to develop that nobody can control. They all deny their emotions and the physical attraction they feel for each other. But unfulfilled passions find unpredictable ways of getting what they want.

CineStar 3, 10.45 pm


Interview DESHORA


Filmclip DESHORA

Queer Shorts

CinemaxX 5, 4.00 pm


At a new school Leandro meets the lively Jefferson. They form an instant attachment and soon realise that theirs is no ordinary friendship. But Jefferson has to tell Leandro something and he is clearly struggling to get it out. Leandro enquires further, hoping it’s some kind of a joke. Except Jeff doesn’t look like he’s joking. If they want to be together there's one irreversible thing Leandro must deal with: Jeff is HIV positive.



Night. Two people. Above all else, their attraction forone another is palpable. Their attraction and their desire to kiss, and more.
"You're the first who is taller than me and who has a deeper voice." I had an operation, three years ago. After his initial shock, curiosity gets the better of him. He wants to touch her but she withdraws. Desire will always find a way. But who is creating who, and what will remain?





A captivatingly courageous and touching film about a lesbian couple in Cambodia.The two women have known and loved each other since the time of the Khmer Rouge. The deep bond existing between them and their strength have helped them overcome all different kinds of resistance, including that of their families.



Goca is a transvestite in Belgrade, the capital city of a country where organising orpartcipating in a gay pride parade is forbidden. She is raising a daughter who is really her niece. Although her eighteen-year-old boyfriend steals the money she risks life and limb to earn as a sex worker, Goca still loves him and manages to retain her sunny, open-minded nature. On her thirty-ninth birthday she decides to celebrate he rcoming out on stage in front of a live audience. And so she tells them the story of her life: when I was a boy, I was a girl.






A person of undefined gender and ethnicity is sent by a German cultural institution to a city in China, where s/he experiences a cruel conspiracy against her/his loved one.



The video examines the role of intimacy in relation to desire and physical proximity.Using images and sounds that are surrogates for the liquidity or porosity of the body, of being inside and outside, it slips between the sensual image and its abstraction.









Friday afternoon in a park in Jerusalem. Shabbat is about to begin and people are making their final preparations. The park is almost empty – apart from the gay cruising scene. A young man, Oren, needs to make a phone call, but he hasn’t got a mobile with him. Then his lover appears; this is the man he really wants. The two go to his apartment where Oren again tries to make his phone call, this time with success. Their passion is delayed by his phone call, but not prevented.


The first time can be really hard, especially when you feel you've got something to prove to your mates. Alex and the others hang out at the beach, chatting and bragging. He tries to get closer to Sofia with a joke she finds totally unfunny. Nevertheless they go off together. A first awkward kiss, they lie in the grass, zips get undone. They both want something to happen but it simply doesn't work out. Nevermind, they think, but what will they tell the others?




SO36 meets TEDDY


In Café Fatal in SO36 takes place today the TEDDY PARTNER SPONSORING for the prize money for this year's TEDDY AWARD. Therefore you get the opportunity to watch a Special TEDDY Screening and a live show as well as a DJ programme.

Doors 5.00 pm

Café Fatal in SO36, Oranienstr. 190, 10999 Berlin

U1, Trainstop Kottbusser Tor


Der Teddy-Award Videoplayer wird geladen...